MAX Stardust Awards - Pride Of The Film Industry Award - Tanuja

Tanuja gets Pride of the Film Industry Award for her magnificent contribution in the Indian Film Industry. The Max Stardust Awards was held in Mumbai. The Stage was witnessed with the performance of Shahid Kapoor,Kareena Kapoor,Emraan Hasmi, Anushka Sharma,Nargis Fakri.The hosts,Shreyas Talpade,Kunal Roy Kapoor and Veer Das entertained the audience leaving them spell bound by their gags and acts. The event was a grand success with a huge turnout of the Hindi film industry.
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Tujh Sang Preet Lagayee Sajna : Promo : Promo Episodes dt Dec 10, 2012 to Dec 14, 2012 Tujh Sang Preet Lagayee Sajna : Pro..

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